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About Us

The Association has been in existence since 1886. It was incorporated under the name Royal North West Mounted Police Veterans’ Association by Letters Patent under the Companies Act on January 14, 1924, and steps were taken on December 1, 1954 to change the Association’s name to reflect the present-day name of the Force.

The Kingston Region Division was established in 2000. The Division welcomes individuals who qualify for the various levels of membership, and who reside in the area bounded by the City of Quinte West in the west, the Quebec border to the east, and the Ottawa Valley to the north.

PURPOSES AND OBJECTIVES OF THE ASSOCIATION The Association came into being out of a recognition many years ago that the training, experience and comradery that members had obtained/developed during their active service, could still be put to very meaningful use in individual and collective service to Canada, the Force and other former members (or members of their immediate families and their dependents), even after their separation from the Force. That worthwhile precept, is still apropos today. To that end, the Association continues to subscribe to the following worthy purposes and objects in its Constitution:

  • to promote and assist in the promotion and advancement of the best interests of Canada, especially respect for its Constitution; to be of service to the Government of Canada when required and requested;

  • to co-operate with and to render assistance to the Police, especially the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, in all matters of common interest or concern;

  • to promote the physical, social and economic welfare of the Corporation’s members or the members of their immediate families;

  • to acquire by purchase, lease, gift, bequest, devise, endowment or otherwise personal property of every nature and kind and any interest or property rights therein and to dispose of the same;

  • to acquire by purchase, lease, gift, bequest, devise, endowment or otherwise real property, and any interest therein, and, subject to the provisions of section 65 of the Canada Corporations Act, to mortgage, sell, lease or otherwise dispose of the same;

  • to establish under such names and titles as may be deemed desirable, such benevolent fund or funds as shall be deemed requisite for the purpose of aiding such former members of the North West Mounted Police, the Royal North West Mounted Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or the members of their immediate families, or their dependents who are in need of assistance and to appoint trustees to supervise the administration and management of any such funds;

  • to provide support to worthy community services or organizations of a charitable or benevolent nature.

HOW THE ASSOCIATION FUNCTIONS Policies and objectives of the Association are usually determined at its annual general meetings. The National Board of Directors is the governing authority between general meetings. In addition, it is the responsibility of the National Headquarters Executive Committee to administer and manage the affairs of the Association on a day to day basis.

To assist the National Headquarters Executive Committee, as well as Divisions of the Association and the general public, the Association maintains a Secretariat office which is usually staffed during normal work hours (Ottawa time), except on Fridays. This office is currently located on the grounds of the Canadian Police College on St. Laurent Blvd., Ottawa. The Secretariat maintains a close liaison with the Force.